Jim Kelso

Frozen Genius

Why is it that winter appeals to some so deeply and others loathe it? It does seem we line up in camps around temperature. It is possible to be quite comfortable with proper clothing, in temperatures around 10-20 F which most people would, I suppose, consider quite unbearable.

Having found the last stretch of cold somewhat daunting (high yesterday of minus 3F) I would like nonetheless to sing the praises of winter. I realize that there are many who are unprepared to enjoy it, which is fine. It does annoy me though, that storms are unwaveringly referred to as catastrophic, roguish disasters, even by Weather Channel folk who you would think could enjoy a good blizzard. Can’t they be entertaining without being evil? (storms that is, not weather-casters)

The beauties of the aftermath are there for those with eyes. I rarely see anyone out seeking these sorts of rare sights. Go figure.

These shots are from this year and some past. Beauty is where you find it.


Hubbard Park

Hubbard Park












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