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Frozen Genius Redux

I wrote this post one year ago:  Frozen Genius The only thing that I would add this year is what an unpredictable and at times challenging winter it’s been so far. The first two photos below are from mid-December’s ice and frozen- clinging-snow storm resulting in huge power losses but incomparable beauty over five or […]

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Grottos for the Rest of Us

The warmest days of summer just past seem to draw many to “the beach”. As much as this seems to resonate at large as the ideal getaway, I suspect I am not alone in not being particularly drawn to wide-open sunny expanses, often crowded with humanity. Give me the cool, rocky stream with dappled shade […]

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Frozen Genius

Why is it that winter appeals to some so deeply and others loathe it? It does seem we line up in camps around temperature. It is possible to be quite comfortable with proper clothing, in temperatures around 10-20 F which most people would, I suppose, consider quite unbearable. Having found the last stretch of cold […]

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Unseen Hand

I am regularly gob-smacked, particularly after high-water events, by the seemingly aesthetic placement of sticks, leaves and other detritus among rocks in streams that I frequent. There is something about the care/no care, eye/no eye, mind/no mind aspect of this that brings me into a moment which stretches back to the moments when the arrangements […]

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