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This journal is dedicated to the beauty, power and mystery of Numinous Nature, and is meant to encourage a renewed love-affair with the Wild as found in our forests, prairies, mountains, deserts and back-yards.

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Humanity across time, space and culture

This is a restoration of a post from 2011: Among the highlights of all my trips to Japan was the opportunity June 2011 to see an exhibition of metalwork of many, many of the great metal artists from the Meiji period at the Okayama Prefectural Museum in Okayama, including works of Shoami Katsuyoshi, Unno Shomin...

Unseen Hand Revisited

This is a restoration of an earlier post. The piece is titled Unseen Hand Of Water. My aim with this work was to evoke the mystery around a narrative that has already passed. I had begun the carving before the tragic events in Tohoku, Japan, March 2011, and I was certainly struck with how water...

Bejeweled Days Past

We are now in full-blown “twig” season(no leaves). It is always a difficult transition for me and I suspect many others, from psychedelic autumn to astringent winter. The added circadian clunker of the hour change does not help. But I shall not digress. I take more than a passing interest in the fall foliage display....



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