Jim Kelso

This journal is dedicated to the beauty, power and mystery of Numinous Nature, and is meant to encourage a renewed love-affair with the Wild as found in our forests, prairies, mountains, deserts and back-yards.

Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spontaneous Bursts of Luminous Wild Pride

In 2005 we took the wee grandkids to O.O. Denny Park in Kirkland, WA. It is a hidden treasure of wildness with reputedly the tallest Douglas Fir in the Seattle metro area, along with a lovely bit of lakeside frontage on Lake Washington. I always love taking Erika and Brennan to natural areas as they...

Crunch Time

I wrote this as a piece of fiction for another project and then thought, “hmm, seems not so fictional”: “The world had come to a point of decision, the cusp of light and darkness. A vileness had, for centuries, infused itself into the power structure of virtually every major culture, and many, but not all,...


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