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Symbol Of Faith

This work represents hope and faith in the regenerative force of nature in both symbolic and tangible ways. In a time of unusually prevalent dark forces, I believe it is incumbent upon me as an artist to not become overwhelmed and loose sight of the enduring beauty and energy reflected, not only in full-flowering nature, […]

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Passing The Torch Of Hand-made Fire

I have long been fascinated with fire generated by wood-against-wood friction. Some years ago a friend and I  blundered along, pre-internet days, gleaning what we could from Bradford Angier’s Living Off The Country. We were at least able to gather some proper woods and after much effort, to generate smoke with a bow drill. We had, though, a fundamental […]

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Wild Parsnip Caution

I had an encounter with wild parsnip (Pastinica sativa) Identification Key  September 4th in the field by the parking lot for Chickering Bog, at the corner of Lightening Ridge and George roads in Calais VT. Not knowing much about this plant, I had contact without knowing I had brushed it. I know a lot more now. Not everyone is […]

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Crunch Time

I wrote this as a piece of fiction for another project and then thought, “hmm, seems not so fictional”: “The world had come to a point of decision, the cusp of light and darkness. A vileness had, for centuries, infused itself into the power structure of virtually every major culture, and many, but not all, […]

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Wealth Of The Soil

During a recent trip to Japan I rode the train more than usual with almost daily trips from 45 minutes south of Kyoto, up and back. This and a Shinkansen (bullet-train) trip to Tokyo gave me the opportunity to view plenty of urban, suburban and some rural landscape. A feature that all of these share, […]

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