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A Place of Heart

There is a longing these days for something unequivocally good and worthwhile. What better than to present children (and adults) a realm to explore their connection with Nature and hence the Numinous. Please support EarthWalk in whatever way you can. EarthWalk Vermont   Please enjoy this video: EarthWalk Heart – YouTube   And some  recent […]

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Regardless of perils at large…

Another way I brace up to abounding foolishness is to visit folks who have admirable goals and who wrap their lives around them. A goal, perhaps the gold-standard of goals, to me is sustainability. Can things done a particular way be passed on for generations with the plot of earth they’re done on remaining no […]

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Embracing Beauty

It’s been a little tough the last months to find a lot to be encouraged about. The centuries-long trajectory of linear, reductionist thinking aspiring to be a legitimate world view seems close to clunking to its own demise. The major thing I do to keep grotesque worldly shenanigans at bay is to keep doing the […]

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EarthWalk in Balance

If humankind is to recover its balance on the Earth I’m convinced that it will require a profound rekindling of our collective love for and intimacy with nature. It is, of course, impossible, despite our best efforts, to separate ourselves from nature; it is writ in our DNA. However, we have gone very far down […]

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Manifesting Ecstatic Naturalism

My apologies for the lack of activity here for a while. In these days of dramatic habitat change, one of the things that most sustains me is the shared love for nature and beauty found among those intoxicated and enthralled by their place in nature. I am bolstered by a small network of lovers thrilled […]

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