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Grade AAA Golden Bodacious

  As I approach the Fitch-Robert sugar-house, steam rolling out the vents; earth, wood, water, fire,¬†metal and humans are working in concert and I hear gentle conversation coming from within. I bid greetings to Judy and Bernard and am glad for a warm welcome from them and the arch (fire-box) on a crisp sunny day. […]

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Frozen Genius Redux

I wrote this post one year ago: ¬†Frozen Genius The only thing that I would add this year is what an unpredictable and at times challenging winter it’s been so far. The first two photos below are from mid-December’s ice and frozen- clinging-snow storm resulting in huge power losses but incomparable beauty over five or […]

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Frozen Genius

Why is it that winter appeals to some so deeply and others loathe it? It does seem we line up in camps around temperature. It is possible to be quite comfortable with proper clothing, in temperatures around 10-20 F which most people would, I suppose, consider quite unbearable. Having found the last stretch of cold […]

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Bejeweled Days Past

We are now in full-blown “twig” season(no leaves). It is always a difficult transition for me and I suspect many others, from psychedelic autumn to astringent winter. The added circadian clunker of the hour change does not help. But I shall not digress. I take more than a passing interest in the fall foliage display. […]

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